IPRO HQIC SERIES – Sepsis: Lessons Learned

Resource Location: https://qi.ipro.org/2023/09/26/sepsis-lessons-learned/

Prepared by IPRO

Sepsis mortality continues to be a challenge with sepsis and septic shock as leading causes of death worldwide. Adherence to clinical and operational best practices can profoundly reduce mortality rates and the costs associated with this disease.

The HQIC Sepsis Gap Assessment has shown several areas of improvement needed in the clinical and operational tasks of sepsis care and the CMS SEP-1 bundle. Join us to hear how organizations are innovating and improving sepsis care through:

  • Application of goals to implement the one-hour bundle,
  • Coordination,
  • Education,
  • Peer to peer feedback, and
  • Patient/family engagement.

Part one will provide a “current state” overview and highlight clinical teamwork focused on reducing barriers to timely antibiotic administration and fluid resuscitation. Part two will host a panel discussion of subject matter experts taking questions on both clinical and operational opportunities across the hospital space.

The sessions will be followed by our podcast series “Speaking of Sepsis”, IPRO HQIC’s unique spin on partnership with hospitals across the country to improve the care of sepsis patients and reduce mortality. “Speaking of Sepsis” highlights stories of hospitals and healthcare workers innovating and improving sepsis care through clinical and operational implementation of best practices and multi-professional collaboration.