COVID-19 Lessons Learned (whitepaper): A Resource for Recovery

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Co-authored by Deloitte & Joint Commission Resources

The whitepaper catalogues a broad array of lessons learned identified during the period of March through August 2020. These lessons learned are based on discussions with a diverse group of health care leaders; assessments of readiness/preparedness efforts across national, regional and local stakeholders; and a review of public documents. The considerations in this whitepaper include observed best practices adopted by organizations throughout the COVID-19 response. For each health care domain and associated issues, it lays out specific actions that organizations have taken to address them and provides access to guidance and tools that health care leaders can use to create and enact their own plan to address these challenges. Some of the wide array of health care domains covered in this in-depth resource include:

  • Leadership
  • Emergency readiness and crisis response
  • Infection control
  • Patient safety and high reliability
  • Communications and change management